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Everything You Need To Know About The Aquagold

Aquagold by CONTŌR Studios LLC in New York, NY

A cutting-edge skincare procedure that promises more moisturized and brighter skin than ever has gained attention. Featuring Aquagold, a brand synonymous with opulent skincare and the assurance of a glowing, youthful complexion. In this extensive guide, we will cover all you need to know about the Aquagold treatment, its cutting-edge technology, and the life-changing experience it provides.

The Aquagold Experience: A Symphony of Gold and Elixir

Imagine a skincare treatment that feels more like a pampering ritual than a medical procedure. That’s exactly what Aquagold brings to the table. Dubbed the “pre-event” enhancement at CONTŌR, Aquagold utilizes cutting-edge 24k gold microinjection technology to delicately infuse a bespoke cocktail of beneficial ingredients directly into the superficial layers of your skin.

The key components of this magical elixir include hyaluronic acid, Jeuveau, and vitamin C, each renowned for their skin-rejuvenating properties. However, CONTŌR takes this experience further by incorporating growth factors into the mix. These growth factors act as a catalyst, amplifying the treatment’s effectiveness and contributing to skin that looks hydrated and exudes an unmistakable glow for up to four weeks.

Unlocking the Power of Aquagold: How It Works

The 24k gold-plated microchannels of the Aquagold device, each finer than a human hair, serve as the delivery system for the potent cocktail. This minimally invasive procedure ensures that the beneficial ingredients reach the targeted layers of the skin with precision. The gold microinjections provide a luxurious touch and ensure that the treatment is gentle and suitable for all skin types.

Hyaluronic acid, a skincare superhero, hydrates the skin by attracting and retaining moisture, resulting in a plump and youthful appearance. Jeuveau, a modern wrinkle-reducer, helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, contributing to a more refined complexion. Vitamin C, celebrated for its brightening properties, adds a radiant glow, leaving your skin revitalized and refreshed.

Adding growth factors is the secret sauce that elevates Aquagold to new heights. These proteins stimulate cell growth and repair, promoting collagen production and skin rejuvenation. The result? A complexion that not only looks healthy but feels resilient and youthful.

The Ideal Fusion: Aquagold and Minimal Downtime Peels

Combining Aquagold with a minimal downtime peel is the golden ticket for those seeking skin perfection. The synergy between the two treatments creates a dynamic duo that addresses multiple skin concerns. Scheduling a minimal downtime peel 5-10 days before a significant event is the key to unlocking the ultimate glow. The peel works magic by exfoliating the skin’s surface, reducing pore size, and enhancing the overall texture. This sets the stage for Aquagold to penetrate even deeper, maximizing the absorption of its powerful concoction.

The result is a flawless canvas – pores appear diminished, fine lines are softened, and your skin radiates a luminosity bound to turn heads. The minimal downtime ensures you can confidently showcase your rejuvenated complexion at any event without worrying about prolonged recovery periods.

The Aquagold Journey: What to Expect

As you embark on the Aquagold journey, the experience is designed to be as luxurious as the results. The process begins with a thorough consultation at CONTŌR, where your skincare concerns and goals are discussed. The highly trained professionals ensure a personalized approach, tailoring the treatment to address your needs.

During the treatment, the Aquagold device, resembling a pen with gold-plated needles, is gently glided over the skin’s surface. The procedure is painless, thanks to the ultra-fine needles and the meticulous technique employed by the skilled practitioners. Clients often describe the sensation as a mild tingling or a gentle vibration.

Some slight redness might occur post-treatment, but this typically subsides within a few hours. The minimal downtime aspect of Aquagold means you can resume your daily activities immediately, making it the best choice for those with busy schedules.

The Long-Lasting Impact: Aquagold’s Resilient Glow

What sets Aquagold apart is not just the immediate radiance it imparts but also its long-lasting impact. Clients report experiencing the benefits for up to four weeks, showcasing a sustained skin texture, hydration, and overall luminosity improvement.

Regular Aquagold sessions, spaced according to your skincare needs, can contribute to cumulative benefits. The growth factors incorporated in the treatment stimulate collagen synthesis over time, promoting skin elasticity and firmness. This makes Aquagold not just a quick fix but a transformative journey towards healthier, more radiant skin.

Staying Ahead in Skincare

As skincare enthusiasts continue to seek cutting-edge solutions, the evolution of Aquagold doesn’t stop—ongoing research and technological advancements promise even more refined formulations and techniques. Fusing gold microinjection technology with the latest skincare innovations ensures that Aquagold remains at the forefront of the beauty industry.

CONTŌR, with its commitment to staying on the pulse of skincare trends, continues to refine and personalize the Aquagold experience. The integration of growth factors is just one example of their dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in skincare.

Addressing Common Queries: Aquagold Unveiled

  • Is Aquagold suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely. The gentle nature of Aquagold’s 24k gold microinjection technology makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The personalized approach taken at CONTŌR ensures the treatment is tailored to individual skin concerns and needs.

  • Does Aquagold hurt?

The Aquagold experience is designed to be comfortable. Most clients report minimal discomfort, describing the sensation as a mild tingling or vibration. The ultra-fine needles and meticulous technique employed by skilled practitioners contribute to a painless procedure.

  • How soon can I see the results?

Immediate results are often visible after an Aquagold treatment, with skin appearing more hydrated and radiant. The long-lasting impact, however, continues to unfold over the following weeks, with clients reporting sustained improvements for up to four weeks.

  • Can Aquagold be combined with other treatments?

Yes, the versatility of Aquagold makes it an ideal candidate for combination treatments. Pairing it with a minimal downtime peel, as CONTŌR recommends, enhances the overall results, simultaneously addressing multiple skin concerns.

  • How often should I undergo Aquagold treatments?
  • The frequency of Aquagold treatments depends on individual skincare goals. While the immediate effects are noticeable after a single session, regular treatments, spaced according to personalized plans, contribute to cumulative benefits and long-term skin rejuvenation.


At CONTŌR Studios, we believe true beauty lies in the glow from within. Elevate your skincare routine to new heights with our exclusive Aquagold treatment—a luxurious experience beyond the surface, leaving you with skin that exudes unparalleled radiance. Ready to embrace the glow? Schedule your Aquagold experience at CONTŌR Studios and discover the radiant transformation that awaits you.

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