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How AquaGold Can Benefit Your Skin?

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How AquaGold Can Benefit Your Skin?

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One of the most recent advancements in medical aesthetics technology is the AquaGold Fine Touch channeling device. It injects the skin with tiny droplets of various medications, often including Botox and other neurotoxins and fillers. Additionally, the device renders the treatments painless.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, how else is AquaGold beneficial, especially for the skin? Keep reading to find out.

What is AquaGold?

The AquaGold Fine Touch is essentially a microneedling device, to put it simply. It delivers tiny amounts of the medicine with which it is loaded over a vast region, far wider than a Botox treatment can handle, instead of directly injecting the toxins and paralyzing the muscle. It is appropriate for delicate places like the neck where Botox is prohibitive or impossible.

And because the doses are significantly lower than those used in conventional toxin treatments, the skin usually appears more vivid and natural. This method is being embraced by patients who want to avoid the “frozen” appearance that Botox and other toxins frequently cause.

Why is the Device Special?

The AquaGold Fine Touch device is constructed with twenty-four karat gold needles, each smaller than a hair follicle. This device’s needles are practically minuscule, leaving only tiny, painless, exposed areas on the skin. The skin is then penetrated deeply with the skin-refining and anti-aging treatments.

The Benefits of AquaGold for the Skin

AquaGold is merely the method of delivering substances into the skin; it is not the actual substance. What benefits does it offer so people will be more inclined to choose to have Botox using AquaGold instead of injections?

Induces Increased Collagen Production

Since AquaGold is the ideal option to help you look your best before a significant event, it has earned the moniker “Red Carpet Treatment.” 

Inducing collagen growth and skin firmness, the microneedling action activates your body’s healing factor to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Even in hard-to-reach places like the nose, this will cause the pores on your face to close.

Collagen helps do the following:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes large pores
  • Treats sagging skin
  • Erases scarring
  • Deals with age spots
  • It brings vibrancy to be dull and lifeless skin
  • Reduce redness
  • Plumpen the skin

Moisturize the Skin

Your skin will absorb water more easily thanks to the minute punctures, preventing dryness and giving your skin a radiant appearance.

Increase Product Absorption

The device can work with your favorite medical aesthetic products such as:

  • Botox is used to reduce the size of the pores.
  • Applied to smooth skin using dermal hyaluronic gels like Restylane or Juvederm.
  • Used in conjunction with the hyaluronic gel to reduce the appearance of superficial acne scarring.
  • Enhances laser treatment with the use of serums that include growth-promoting agents.
  • Brightens the skin using pigment-reducing agents

Logistical Benefits of AquaGold

Aside from what it can do for the skin, AquaGold also has logistical benefits, such as:

Painless and Safe Procedure

You can have a painless procedure with little chance of temporary redness. Even though this is a painless procedure, we advise using a topical anesthetic 30 minutes before your Fine Touch appointment so that we can treat delicate areas like the eyelids, lips, and nose without discomfort. Your doctor will first numb your face before loading the Fine Touch device with your desired ingredients and starting the procedure.

Quick and Convenient

After thoroughly washing the skin’s surface, the therapy serum of choice is inserted into the delivery system. The serum is inserted into the skin without causing discomfort or bleeding as the gadget runs over the skin’s surface.

Even though some Aqua Gold Fine Touch patients feel swelling or redness in the treated region, no downtime or healing is typically needed. The average treatment lasts about 30 minutes, making it the perfect option for clients who need to return to work immediately after lunch. You can continue all regular activities after your treatment.

Minimal Side Effects

You can have some slight redness in the treated regions during the first few hours following your treatment, similar to a light sunburn. You won’t encounter the usual side effects of other microneedling procedures, such as bleeding, bruising, or swelling. The treatment’s results are seen right away, and the majority of clients leave the office with skin that is firmer and more luminous as a result of the stimulation of their skin.

The duration and speed at which the formulations’ effects vary. Some of them will start working right away, while others will be absorbed into your skin and provide you with long-term results.

Quick and Long-Lasting Results

Depending on the formula chosen, the full effects of the treatment will be felt three to seven days after treatment and last between three and four months. Having a session every few months can improve the general health of your skin because this is a renewable procedure that you can schedule regularly.

Treatments might be performed as frequently as every one to three months. If you want, you can switch out the formula to acquire more extensive benefits because your skin has no recuperation period or requirement to recuperate from injury.

Suitable for Most People

This multipurpose procedure has excellent results in all climates and is suitable for clients with all skin tones and kinds. It is intended for those who prefer a non-surgical, minimally invasive alternative to standard facelifts. It’s an excellent solution for clients who desire younger, clearer skin but doesn’t want their facial movement restricted, as is sometimes the case with injectables.

This procedure is best for those afraid of needles because you won’t ever see them or feel them go into your skin. It’s well-liked by patients seeking a course of therapy that will produce notable results yet allow you to resume your regular activities immediately, without any downtime, recuperation period, or side effects.

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